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All of our video content is available here on the website, free of charge. You can view all programming by chapter, on our video page. We also have video Public Safety Announcements (PSAs) you can view here.

The Foundation is leading the way in cutting-edge up to date traffic safety education materials for driver education teachers all over the US. These materials are available (streaming online and on DVD) to teachers in the public and private school systems and also to commercial school driver education teachers at no cost. We also have materials for middle school student mobility safety training. Our middle school mobility curriculum is ready to go. We also offer accompanying evaluation forms for teachers.

Self-improvement is many times a result of self-empowerment, and that is a lifetime journey. By watching our collection of traffic safety videos, PSAs and also sharing them with your parents/guardians; you'll empower everyone around you to lend a positive helping hand, in your learning to drive process.

TSEF provides several tools to help you understand the influence you have on your child with regard to their future driving behaviors begins as soon as you turn their child safety seat around to face front. It is years too late for you to believe your influence on your child’s driving behavior begins at the point they get a driving permit.

NEW - Common Car Seat Mistakes

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When it comes to corporate traffic safety; added vehicle communications, telematics devices, smartphones (Hands-free or otherwise) and vehicle driver aid technology systems can certainly make for greater efficiency and in some cases increased safety. However, in many cases these systems and devices can add significant distractions to a driver's responsibilities. There must always be a balance between safe driving practices and increased duties behind the wheel.

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