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Parent Resources

A “Toolkit” of Resources — What You Should Know!

Parents / Guardians, close family relatives, friends and trusted peers are a very strong influence on new driver behavior. But, did you realize the learning to driving process for children begins much sooner than when they obtain a driver permit? This is years too late. Research shows children see and begin learning parental driving habits and behaviors as soon as their vehicle child safety seat is turned around to face front.

Kentucky currently has the highest teen crash rate in the nation. While teens only account for 6% of drivers in the state, they are involved in 20% of all highway crashes in Kentucky; Including 18% of all fatal crashes. Our Free Driver Training Program can help change those statistics for the better. 

More Than a Driver's License

The Traffic Safety Education Foundation (TSEF) considers anyone with less than five years of experience to be a new driver. Safe driving is a complex task requiring strong decision-making skills that only come with maturity and practice. Almost anyone can get a driver’s license and passing the too easy US driving test does not make you a safe driver!

The Traffic Safety Education Foundation has developed a variety of materials to help better educate parents/guardians about traffic safety. Learn from an expert race car driver the mental and decision-based side of driving. ALL educational videos are available to view for FREE! You can also request a copy of your own.

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Our Parent Driving Zone 

An immersive, multi-chapter education tool designed to show parents how their behaviors behind the wheel influence children, way before their driving years begin.


Vehicle Driver Aid Technology Today explains how vehicle driver aid technology is designed to help a driver who may be distracted or need an assist to be safer on the road. VDATT also highlights many of the warnings associated with driver aid technology.


Awareness Driving Techniques for Today helps parents and student drivers by showing and explaining numerous every day traffic situations such as adverse weather, night driving, intersections, merging, red light runners and more.

parent pledge

Download our Parent Pledge for your children.


This Family Traffic Safety Education Packet is designed to help families with children of ALL ages, right now!


Take your student on a long "test" drive, and see how they do with this checklist.


Download printable menus to accompany our leading-edge videos.

Is there a resource that you feel is needed?

Additional FREE printed material and educational video content are available in our Resource Library, but we're always open to suggestions! Let's work together, please contact us anytime!

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