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Realities of Driving Today


Realities of Driving Today is a video presentation designed for use by driver education teachers and parents, to be shown to students at the very beginning of the driver education process.


The information in the video is designed to give students a realistic understanding of why driving today is becoming more and more dangerous. We are not in a normal situation in the US when it comes to traffic deaths and injuries. We are in a needlessly tragic and dangerous situation and it’s getting worse by the day.  

RODT is an in-your-face look at the current US driving situation and needs to be seen and understood by ALL student drivers. The video clearly explains why paying full attention to the driver education process and driver education teacher is so critical. 

Chapter Listing

  1. Introduction - 2:19

  2. Presentation Introduction - 2:04

  3. Distracted Driving Epidemic - 2:05

  4. Dangerous and Vulnerable - 2:45

  5. Where Does the US Stand? - 3:39

  6. How We Got Here...A Little History - 2:16

  7. Things Are Getting More Dangerous - 2:02

  8. Seat Belts - 0:23

  9. Unfortunate Realities - 3:11

  10. The Parent Effect - 6:55

  11. Solutions - 2:52

  12. The 'Twist' - 4:36

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