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Traffic Jam

Realities of Driving Today

This video is for driver education teachers to use in classrooms.  The video explains to students the importance of the whole learning to drive process.  It also gives credibility to the driver education teacher during this process.   Would you like a FREE copy on DVD or USB drive? Request yours today!

Chapter 1

Introduction - 1:25

Safety advocate and championship-winning racing driver Andy Pilgrim shows you the advantages and limitations of a wide array of automotive safety features, helping you make a more qualified purchase decision.


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Chapter 1 - 2:20


Chapter 2 - 2:05

Presentation Introduction

Chapter 3 - 2:04

Distracted Driving Epidemic

Chapter 4 - 2:45

Dangerous and Vulnerable

Chapter 5 - 2:37

Where Does the US Stand?

Chapter 6 - 3:11

How We Got Here - A Little History

Chapter 7 - 2:02

Things Are Getting More Dangerous

Chapter 8 - 0:24

Seat Belts

Chapter 9 - 3:11

Unfortunate Realities

Chapter 10 - 6:55

The Parent Effect

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