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Bringing Cutting-Edge Traffic Safety
Information to US Corporations

A FREE educational and experiential event for corporate professionals

October 27 at NCM Motorsports Park, Bowling Green, KY

Corporate liability costs related to traffic collisions and crashes involving distracted driving have increased at an incredible rate since 2014. Many of these corporate related collisions and crashes are due to employee’s choosing to drive distracted while doing corporate business on the phone or driving distracted in a company vehicle. Corporations can and must do better in addressing driver training and employee best practices, when it comes to the driving choices drivers make. The Traffic Safety Education Foundation has created new, cutting-edge educational resources to help companies educate their employees to make safer choices while driving.


Company employees who drive company vehicles as a function of performing a job. Plus, any employee who may do company business on the phone – hand-held or hands-free - while driving.

Fleet of Trucks


A unique lunch and learning experience with nationally-recognized traffic safety expert and founder of the Traffic Safety Education Foundation – Andy Pilgrim. After lunch, Andy will speak about US traffic safety issues with particular attention to all forms of distracted driving and how it is affecting employees, families and companies in general. All attendees will then have the opportunity to participate in an experience 3 driving events at the NCM Motorsports Park. They will Drive a C8 Corvette on the 3.2-mile MSP race track, a Turbo Camaro on the autocross track and high-speed Go-Karts.


There are two dates set for the events (Sept 21st and Oct 27th); all seats must be reserved online, in advance. On event days, registration will begin at 10:30 am, and start at 11:00 am. Activities will conclude at 3:30 pm.



All activities are held at the NCM Motorsports Park, in Bowling Green, KY. A map of the location is at the bottom of this page.


When it comes to corporate traffic safety; added vehicle communications, telematics devices, smartphones (Hands-free or otherwise) and vehicle driver aid technology systems can certainly make for greater efficiency and in some cases increased safety. However, in many cases these systems and devices can add significant distractions to a driver's responsibilities. There must always be a balance between safe driving practices and increased duties behind the wheel. 


Cutting-edge education materials developed by the TSEF are ideally suited for use in this critical area of business and are now being utilized by corporations all over the US.


Andy Pilgrim is a nationally recognized traffic safety expert and most of his in-person or video conference speaking appearances these days are to corporate employee’s, safety officers and executives. Please let us know if you might be interested in Andy speaking at your next corporate event.

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